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Car Sharing

Accessible round the clock nearer to your house, No need to tailor your schedule to meet the company's timing due to operating hours. Rent only the hours you require from as short as 15 mins, rather than renting the minimum 24hours from traditional rentals. If more hours are required, you can even go up to weekly rentals. Entire process is done at your own convenience with support only a phone call away.


Car Lite provides station-based car sharing islandwide. Rental can be as short as 15mins and as long as weekly rentals. We are a group of companies comprising traditional car rental & leasing, car retailers, export/import, vehicle workshop, motor financing and insurance.
We aim to provide accessible hassle-free car sharing throughout Singapore for your selection, with a wide range of car models spread across the island for variety. Our fleets are well maintained and regularly serviced to give our customers peace of mind, coupled with a 24 hours breakdown service assistance.
For a longer term rental & leasing, you can approach CL Leasing Pte Ltd, our affiliated company. Tailored packages catering to both business and individual users, with durations ranging up to periods of 5 years. Brand new cars from multiple brands are also within reach with our value-for-money leasing packages.




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